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The NICU journey for a micro-preemie or chronically ill infant is a very long one. For the parents, it is a weary path filled with emotional highs and lows. When the NICU journey ends, a new one begins. It is at once a delightful and frightful period. Parents soon learn that they, and they alone, are the advocates for the best care for their baby.

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The Preemie Experience

NICU All Stars

Peyton & Grace 1 pound 12 ounces / 1 pound 13 ounces Born at 25 weeks Our twins, Peyton and Grace, have been fighters from the very beginning. They truly wanted to be a part of this world and a part of our lives. We had a long battle to become pregnant. When we found out we were having twins we were to the moon and back with excitement. At 11 weeks I started bleeding…

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